All student Calclab accounts will be closed and files deleted at noon on Monday, May 14, 2018. Any files you want to keep should be transferred to another system or to removable media.

You can login to your Calclab account remotely by connecting to calclabnx.math.tamu.edu via X2go, SSH (Linux and MacOS), or PuTTY (Windows). To transfer files use the scp or sftp commands on Linux and MacOS or the Filezilla client on Windows. You can also upload files from your Calclab account to your TAMU Google Drive account.

General Information
General Student Information Information for students. Links to course home pages. Force requests.
Schedule Schedule for the labs.
Policies Calclab Acceptable Use Policy.
Calclab Hardware A description of the hardware currently in the labs.
Local Maple Packages
Maplets Launch maplets from your web browser.
VecCalc Vector Calculus Package for Maple
Our Degree Programs
Mathematics Graduate Program Information on our Graduate Program, M.S. and Ph.D.
Mathematics Undergraduate Program Are you a Math major or interested in becoming one?
Minor in Mathematics Or perhaps a minor in Mathematics?
Getting Help
Help Sessions Nightly help sessions for several undergraduate courses.
Streaming Videos Supplemental videos for several courses.
Remote Login Logging into a Calclab virtual desktop session. Login, access your files, and run Matlab, Maple, and other applications remotely.
Filezilla Video Using Filezilla to transfer files to and from your Calclab account. Download the client.
Over Quota Video Fix Can't login because you're over your disk quota? Watch this video to see how to clean out your directory.
Unix Command Reference Embrace the power of Linux by learning just a few commands.
Constructing Web Pages How to build a basic webpage. Note: Calclab accounts are purged every semester. If you want an more permanent webpage use people.tamu.edu or a 3rd party web service.
Batch Processing Harnessing the 30TFlops+ performance of the Calclabs.
help //AT// math.tamu.edu For problems with your computer account, please ask your TA first. If he/she cannot solve the problem, contact the Mathematics IT helpdesk at this address. Replace the //AT// with the usual '@'.