Linux MATLAB Setup for Calclab (Fall 2017)

  1. Your NetID and password are used to login to Howdy, Open Access Lab computers, etc. You also use these to login to your CalcLab account.

  2. Open a web browser (say Firefox) and go your course home page for Math 151 or 152. Bookmark it for future reference.

  3. Next, click on the MATLAB Schedule link for your course, either Math 151 or 152. Again, bookmark this page for future reference.

  4. Download the assignment templates (.mlx files) by clicking on each of the five links.

  5. Invoke MATLAB by SINGLE clicking on the gold hill icon in the bottom panel. Wait while the program loads. When you see "Ready" in the lower left corner of the MATLAB window, you're set.

  6. With the advent of the new MATLAB Live Editor, your MATLAB environment is dramatically simplified. It allows you to see ALL your work in a single window!

  7. Begin working on Assignment A by opening the relevant .mlx assignment file. (You will load other assignment files as the term progresses.)

  8. Your TA will provide further instruction once everyone has done this.

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