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Instructions for printing

Before you can print, you must establish a CIS XPRINT account through CLAIM.

If you logged in to a Calclab machine, either sitting in one of the math labs or by using X-win in one of the Open Access Labs:


  1. Save the file into your directory. The easiest way to do this is to press the "shift" key while clicking on the file you want. You will be prompted for a filename. Keep the default filename or choose your own. (Remember this name.)
  2. Get a terminal window. Click in the background. Select terminal-xterm.
  3. Use x-print. xprint -d PRINTER filename.ps where PRINTER is the name of the printer in the lab you want and filename.ps is your file. Use blocker to print to BLOC 133. Ask a Help Desk person if you need to set up a XPRINT account or to get the name of the correct PRINTER.

    From a PC:

    1. Click on the Printable version you want.
    2. Choose "Save" from the window that will appear and notice the name of the file being saved (for example the first test from 1996 is called: "151s96e1.ps").
    3. From the "Main" window in the Windows program manager select DOS shell.
    4. At the DOS prompt type:   d: and then hit the return key.
    5. At the DOS prompt type:   copy 151s96e1.ps > lpt2 and that should do it.
    I have only tested this from the Blocker lab so if your printout does not come out contact one of the help desk staff to help.

If you find that these instructions are confusing or if a different procedure is needed for a particular lab, PLEASE email your comments at the address below. If possible, include a return email address so we can respond. Also, please include the lab and time where you are having problems so the problem can be better addressed.

If all else fails you can always copy the questions off of the Web viewable version by hand.

These have been made available in order to help you prepare for your exams. Spending large amounts of time trying to print them will only take away valuable time.

The following is the list of steps followed when printing from maple.

  • Open your maple worksheet.
  • Click file->print
  • Select the "<> Output to file" radio button.
  • Click print, which printed to "untitled.ps"
  • Open a terminal window (icon that looks like a dark grey screen)
  • Type "xprint untitled.ps"
    This requires your OAL username (netID) and password.
  • You may also specify a destination
    xprint -d blocker untitled.ps

  • Please send comments, questions, or suggestions regarding this page to "webmaster@calclab.math.tamu.edu" .
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