vec_calc 3

A Vector Calculus Package for Maple V Release 3

By Arthur Belmonte and Philip B. Yasskin

© 1995-97 by Arthur Belmonte and Philip B. Yasskin,
Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University, with All Rights reserved.

This version of the package is no longer being maintained.

Downloading and Installing the Files

Before using the vec_calc package, you must first download and install two files. These files are exactly the same for all operating systems. Right click on each of the following files and save the target in the directories listed below.
package index maple.ind 20 KB
package library maple.lib 110 KB
You may keep the files on a floppy disk or put them on your hard disk. Here are the recommended locations on the hard disk:
Windows: C:\MapleV3\vec_calc
Unix/Linux: /usr/local/MapleVR3/vec_calc
Macintosh: Macintosh HD:Maple V Release 3:vec_calc
Note: You must create the vec_calc directory. If you put the files in a different directory or put them on a floppy disk, then the instructions below must be appropriately modified.

Using the Package

To use the commands in the vec_calc package, you must first execute three commands.

The first command tells Maple where the package files are located. After starting Maple, execute the command
> libname := libname, `yourdirectorypath`;
where yourdirectorypath is the full path to the directory where you saved the vec_calc files using / between directories. For example, on Windows, if you saved them in the recommended directory, then the command will be
> libname := libname, `C:/MapleV3/vec_calc`;
If you saved them on a floppy, then the command will be
> libname := libname, `A:/`;
and if you saved them in the directory D:\mypath\mydir then the command will be
> libname := libname, `D:/mypath/mydir`;
Note The path is enclosed in backquotes (`).

The second command reads in the vec_calc package commands:
> with(vec_calc);

Automating the Package

To automate the vec_calc package, you can put one or both of the commands listed under Using the Package into a Maple initialization file which is a text file named and located as follows:

File Name Location
Windows: maple.ini C:\MapleV3\lib
Unix/Linux: .mapleinit your home directory
Macintosh: MapleInit Maple folder
If you put both commands in the initialization file, the vec_calc package will load automatically whenever you start or restart Maple.
Please send comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the VecCalc package to Philip B. Yasskin at
Last updated Aug 23, 2003