Math 151 (Belmonte): Hot Topics for Tue, 26/Sep/2017

  1. OFFICE HOURS *CANCELED* TODAY! So I'm driving down University toward the Northside Garage at 5:30 am and I see about half a dozen College Station Police vehicles and half a dozen College Station Fire Dept vehicles around Blocker building and said garage. Parking at a gas station across the street, I walked over to a fire truck and asked the fireman what the deal was. He replied that they were "still investigating." When I further asked if I could go into Northside Garage, he said he would not recommend it until their investigation was complete. Now it may be that things are all clear by the times of your computer labs. [PLAN B: Work in TAMU Open Access Labs, such as the Student Computing Center.] I will be at the home front pounding out quizzes until I run out of ammunition. Stay safe!

  2. In your Blocker CalcLab today, you will continue work on MATLAB Assignment B. It is due on Fri, 06/Oct.

  3. If your lab is in Blocker 124, remember to bring your (Engineering) laptop with you since there are very few computers in the room. [PLAN B: No laptop? You may use MATLAB on the computers in the Open Access Lab down the hall on the first floor across from the elevators.]

  4. Here are Magic Numbers.

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