Math 151 (Belmonte): Hot Topics for Thu, 28/Sep/2017

  1. To get you amped up and ready to do the deed tonight, here are two items for your perusal.
  2. In recitations today your TAs will answer any last minute questions you may have regarding Exam 1 material.

  3. You will take Exam 1 tonight in ILSB 1105 between 7:30-9:30 pm. This is the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building, next to the Simpson Drill Field, across from the MSC. Be sure to arrive by 7:00 pm so that we can get everyone seated in a timely fashion.

  4. KNOW YOUR MAGIC NUMBERS. You will sit in Magic # order, in the spot that has your exam and ScanForm paperclipped together.

  5. Bring your Student ID along with #2 pencils with erasers (or mechanical pencils with #2 lead and erasers).

Please send comments, questions, or suggestions regarding hot topics to Art Belmonte at Last updated Wed, 27/Sep/2017, 4:45 am CDT