Math 151 (Belmonte): Hot Topics for Mon, 13/Nov/2017

  1. Today we cover 5.2: The Definite Integral.
  2. The Q-Drop deadline is Friday, 17/Nov, 5:00 pm: 4 days from now.

  3. Continue work on MATLAB Assignment D.

  4. Rather than the normal Monday night Week in Review on 20/Nov (the night of Exam 3), there will be an Exam 3 Review between 5-7 pm in Blocker 166 on SUNDAY, 19/Nov.

  5. For Spring 2018, I have been assigned to teach the following Math 152 sections back-to-back, all in Blocker 169. The stucture and organization will be the same as Fall 2017 Math 151, including the "New World Order" with Summary, Examples, plus Hand and MATLAB solutions. Hope to see you there!
  6. Here are preliminary documents providing more information regarding my Spring 2018 Math 152 classes.

Please send comments, questions, or suggestions regarding hot topics to Art Belmonte at Last updated Sun, 12/Nov/2017, 4:30 pm CST