Math 151 (Belmonte): Hot Topics for Mon, 20/Nov/2017

  1. Recall that we reviewed for Exam 3 on Friday, 17/Nov. Accordingly, you will not attend lecture today. Instead, rest up and have a good lunch/dinner.

  2. THEN show up at ILSB 1105 tonight by 7:00 pm to take Exam 3!

  3. Re(read) chapters 8 & 9 of Gilat for MATLAB Assignment E. Tomorrow (Tue, 21/Nov), your TAs and I will grade your Exam 3 papers. YOU will begin your 6-day Thanksgiving Holiday (from Math 151). In addition to holiday festivities, you will work on MATLAB Assignment E using MATLAB on your laptop. Travel safely!

Please send comments, questions, or suggestions regarding hot topics to Art Belmonte at Last updated Fri, 17/Nov/2017, 4:15 am CST