Math 151 (Belmonte): Final Exam Topics for Tue, 12/Dec/2017

  1. Yi's sections (573-575) take their Final Exam in Blocker 166 today between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. Bring your ID and #2 pencils.

  2. When you finish, paperclip your ScanForm to the RIGHT side of the FRONT PAGE of your exam, with "Scanform" UPSIDE DOWN at the TOP and "Instructor Use Only" UPSIDE DOWN at the BOTTOM!

  3. If necessary, go to the bathroom BEFORE the exam. If you finish the exam early, bring it and your ScanForm to the front desk. Then you may leave. (Please be quiet so that other students may continue working.)

  4. Exams are arranged in Magic # order from front to back, left to right. Sit in the seat that has the Exam and ScanForm with your Magic #. Here is a seating chart.

  5. PRINT your Last Name, First Name on both your exam and your ScanForm.

  6. Do problems in order, circling choices and marking ScanForm as you go.
    (Do NOT wait until the end: you will run out of time!)

  7. Do NOT look inside your exam until you are told to start at 8:00 am.

  8. Do NOT talk to students or your instructor during the exam.

  9. Do well. This is the Last Hurrah!

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