Assignments for Weeks 4 and 5

Remember that the rough draft of your first paper is due Oct. 4.


Discussion questions

Each team is responsible for leading the class discussion of one of the propositions in the main text left as exercises:

Homework due Wednesday, Oct. 4 (in Week 6)

  1. Exercise 1, p. 146.
  2. Exercise 2(c), p. 146.
  3. Exercise 3(a,b), p. 146. <-- In 3(a), "CD" should be "CB".
  4. Exercise 4, p. 146.
  5. Exercise 15, p. 149 (W). (Explain why each of the other axioms is still true.)
  6. Exercise 18, p. 149.

In addition, each team should post a single written version of its proof on the discussion board in eCampus. (I need to "create" the discussion topic first.)