Mathematics 629, Fall, 2003

Last updated Fri 12 Dec 03


11/17: Two new course announcements ._. updated 12/5

Instructions for the second paper

9/13: Message from the WebCT System Administration

Formal course handout (PDF) ._. PostScript version

How to submit written assignments

The uses and limitations of our technology

More about the book review


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Sat. 8/30: The handout above supersedes (and confirms) the update message below. I have added Dr. Allen's term paper list to the links page. A formal welcoming message will be in your Monday morning NEO mail.

Update, Wed. 8/27: Some course procedures are still undecided, largely because I am learning how to use WebCT and assessing what (if anything) it can do for us better than ordinary e-mail and Web pages. Eventually there will be a course handout with a grading policy; I am not ready to make a commitment, but I am leaning toward having NO exams, but a term paper, a book review, and another short paper or second book review, in addition to weekly written assignments. Here are the materials and instructions I have prepared for the first week, still subject to possible change: ...

The welcome message (first day of class)

The old temporary information message (mid-August), which was followed by this:

While waiting for me to tell you something more, you should be looking for a book to buy or borrow for the semester. Also, make sure that your account is activated (and you know your password); soon, you will be able to log into WebCT using your neo username and password (all lower case). See links at the bottom of this page.


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