Mathematics 629, Fall, 2006

Last updated Sat 18 Nov 06

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Textbook: Victor J. Katz, A History of Mathematics, Brief Edition, Pearson Addison-Wesley, 2004, ISBN 0-321-16193-9


11/6: The homework assignment for next Monday got mangled. It is now corrected.
11/5: I graded the optional homework on logarithms, allotting 8 points to the data experiment and 8 points to the two formulas (since most people who did one of those did both, as suggested). See my "Lecture 11/12" of 2003 for some comments that bear repeating here. I'll make a "Logarithms" folder where you can put your papers for public consumption.
9/30: Instructions for the second paper
9/3: Instructions for the book review
8/30: Homework angst ._. Here are the exercises.
8/27: Updated announcements
8/24: The welcoming message
8/24: Formal course handout


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