Maple Purchasing Program

at Texas A&M University

Maplesoft is offering Maple 15 to students for $xx compared to $99 online or $140 at a bookstore. Call SELL at 862-4104 about availability.

To purchase a copy, bring $xx (check only) and a Student Order Form to the Software Evaluation and Licensing Library in Teague 1105 (8AM - 5PM). For more information see the SELL website.

In addition, if you purchased a time-limited copy of Maple 10 through 13 for $10 with your purchase of Stewart's Calculus, you may turn in your old Maple CD to SELL and receive a $10 discount, making the price $xx. Your new copy will be time-unlimited.
NOTE: You MUST bring the old CD with you when you purchase Maple 15 at SELL to get the $10 discount.

If you are a distance ed student and cannot get to the SELL office, please contact Gavin Fitzpatrick from Maplesoft at 1-800-267-6583 or and ask about the Texas A&M Student Purchasing Program.